Pricing and Such

1950 Lincoln (ladybug)

$245 hourly with a 3 hour minimum.

1946 Buick (shadow)

$245 Hourly with a 3 hour minimum.

1959 Bentley (the business)

$295 hourly with a 3 hour minimum.

1958 Rolls Royce (Anderson Cooper)

$295 hourly with a 3 hour minimum.

Additional Time

Additional time can be purchased at a discounted rate for any event exceeding 3 hours. The hourly rate listed for each car includes a chauffeur and all taxes/fees. Gratuity however is not included, and although our chauffeurs receive up to 30% gratuity at times, our minimum gratuity is only 10% of the total rental cost. Our average wedding is 3-6 hours. Weekday Monday-Thursday pricing is 15% off listed prices. Special discounts for military, police, firefighters and teachers. Got a fund raiser or charity event? We are big on giving back and would love to hear more. We would love to be involved any way we can.

The Breakdown

We are not a limo company and our cars are not limousines! What we offer is a once in a lifetime experience. Elegant and classy vintage cars that will forever remain timeless and beautiful in your photos. If you are unsure if a classic car is right for you, make an appointment to come see one of our classics in person and you will be sold! Our selection of cars is like nothing else out there! Our service is unmatched and our flexibility and willingness to cater to your needs are exceptional! Whether its your big day, a prom or graduation, anniversary, or even just a romantic dinner, one of our classic cars will take your special event to the next level. Get picked up and arrive in style EVERY-TIME!